We periodically review our infrastructure and resource utilization levels across the entire AngelPay Member Community. If/when we feel a particular organization is abusing our resources or consuming a disproportionate amount of resources compared to other Members, we may contact that Member and request that they contribute more to support the AngelPay Foundation Community. How much a Member contributes is up to them, but of course Members should be thoughtful and take into account the amount of community resources they are consuming. In other words, all Members should contribute their fair share of the total financial support that is necessary to sustain the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation's important Mission and meaningful purpose.

Given that the nonprofit AngelPay Foundation depends on the support of our Members, and given that AngelPay provides tremendous benefits and cost savings, are you sure you want to be that greedy and selfish? If you don't want to support the AngelPay Mission and help the AngelPay Community promote the principles of Fair Capitalism and AngelPay's numerous public interest activities, then AngelPay membership would not be a good fit for you.