This is the amount of money that AngelPay's team has saved our merchant customers and Members over the years based on our low-cost payment processing philosophy. Each day our payment processing platform processes a certain amount of payment transactions and the savings counter increases several times per day based on the historical transaction volume that our platform has processed. Although AngelPay was launched in 2016, our Vision Bankcard platform has been processing payments for many years using the same low-cost philosophy, but it is not a nonprofit organization, which prevented us from reducing our costs and prices any lower. This is why we launched AngelPay.

Because AngelPay is structured as a nonprofit organization, we are able to significantly reduce our cost structure, which is accelerating the savings counter as the AngelPay Community grows. The savings counter is exciting for our team to see every day because it is a tangible measure of how AngelPay is serving our mission to "return wealth and power back to the creators and merchants of value." 

NOTE: The AngelPay website uses caching technology, which can sometimes cause the Savings Counter to get "stuck" for a while because the cache saves a snapshot of each page to deliver to Web browsers. This can "freeze" dynamic content until the cache is refreshed. The cache refresh period varies depending on server load. So if you see the counter frozen at the same number for a while, it's simply because the cache has not refreshed yet.