Retail merchants need a mechanism into which cards can be swiped to receive the benefit of the lowest discount rates. Stand-alone terminal equipment is the norm with all-in-one types (terminal/printer) being the most effective and space-friendly.

As another option, there are many software applications for PC-based point of sale (POS) solutions that work in conjunction with a magnetic stripe reader that can be attached to a keyboard. Additionally, there are many specialized POS systems that can integrate with other functions like inventory management that are available.

Ecommerce and MOTO (mail order/telephone order) merchants can either use PC-based software which enables them to enter cardholder information manually; or they can use an Internet-based payment gateway connected to their websites to allow their customers to purchase goods online in real-time. The right solution depends on the unique needs of each merchant, taking into account the tighter security standards required by the Card Associations whenever a transaction is classified as "Card-Not-Present ".

Whatever your individual needs, AngelPay can assist you in choosing the correct equipment and/or software along with the best pricing available.